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air intake filters

Performance: Air Filters

Intake Air Filters. The most cost effective and easily installed performance modification is the replacement of the OE paper element filter with a high-flow cotton, foam or stainless mesh air filter.

The OE paper element filter is designed to be mass-produced and cheap with a sacrifice of a few horsepower. The aftermarket performance filters allow more air to pass through their element, while still maintaining a high degree of filtration.

To replace your original filter with a performance pod (cone) or panel filter, you can expect 3% to 5% increases in horsepower – sometimes more on powerful turbo cars. We supply K&N, Trust, Uni-Filter, HKS, Apexi and Simota performance air filters.

Also available are stainless or polished alloy intake tubes for most Hondas, Subaru WRX/Legacy RS (“coffee mug”) and also a Simota carbon fibre intake system for the MY97’ and Legacy GTB.

For the top end racers, we supply HKS and K&N high-flow air intake systems. The HKS Racing Suction kit is available for most high performance Japanese cars. These kits include the air intake pipe, HKS Direct Drive air filter, and all the required fitting equipment.

Performance: Air Filters Performance: Air Filters Performance: Air Filters Performance: Air Filters Performance: Air Filters Performance: Air Filters HKS

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